20"x20"x12" Blob Target

$135.00 each


Back by popular demand, these BLOBS are the best of the best! Originally called "Slick BLOBS" or "Boxed BLOBS," these are the real deal!  The characteristics of this material are the best compromise between appearance, longevity, and arrow pull.  These targets represent everything good you've heard about BLOB targets! If you are not familiar with the BLOB, we think you'll be glad you stopped by...prepare to be amazed!

We’ll ship the 20”x20"x12" BLOB anywhere in the lower 48 (i.e. the Contiguous U.S.) for just $135 TOTAL.  Weight is approximately 75 lbs.


The 20"x20"x12" BLOB comes standard with a 1-yr replacement guarantee.  If you should begin to experience complete pass-throughs during the first year of use - beginning with the date of purchase, we will replace your target for only the cost of shipping.  To qualify, you must move your shots around on the face of the target - not only focusing on the center of the target, you must shoot both the front and back of the target, and you must be willing to provide photo/video documentation.  Our goal is for our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase and this guarantee is our way of providing assurance to you that you will not be disappointed!

Note:  CoreMaxx broadheads, and similar broadheads designed to remove a large plug of target material with every shot, are the only types of broadheads that will void your BLOB target warranty.  The use of traditional broadheads with your BLOB target is completely fine and even encouraged.  The use of mechanical broadheads should be carefully considered due to the high potential for damage to your tips upon removal from the dense BLOB target foam.  

DISCLAIMER:  At BlobTargets.net, we believe that when it comes to archery targets, hard-core shooters value quality over appearance.   This is a foundational principle of our business and while we too enjoy shooting a nice-looking target, at least for a few rounds, we much prefer a long-lasting, quality target that will take months, if not years, of serious abuse.  BLOB targets will vary slightly in size and weight.  Stated sizes and weight estimates should serve only as a guide and should not be considered exact measures.  It is common for our targets to vary +/- 1 inch or more from the specified sizes.

COLORS:  Our targets are made from 100% recycled post-industrial foam and therefore, it is not possible for us to guarantee color choices.  We have posted photos on our site to give you an idea of some of the colors that we have available from time to time, but specifying a certain color is impractical at best, and will result in unnecessary delays in shipping and even then, cannot be guaranteed.  In rare instances, we may be able to accommodate your color preferences (e.g. darker colors, lighter colors) better than absolute color selections.